The Emiliem team has:

  • Developed technological methods for evaluating toxicity from chemical or biologic agents either resulting from unintentional environmental or workplace exposures, or from intentionally administered therapeutic agents. Data sets from “omics” studies have been integrated into a system which identifies biomarkers of specific toxicities and certain genetic susceptibilities that would increase the risk of toxicity.
  • Developed a literature mining tool that enables discovery of novel pathways from lists of genes developed from any “omics” process. This is an early step in defining mode of action of toxicity of specific or related chemical compounds, and the relevance of cross-species data and endpoint extrapolations.
  • Developed a technology called K-STAR that applies aspects of the ToxPlatform process to specific targets. K-STAR connects kinase biology, crystal structures, and known inhibitors to determine the basis of selectivity for known and virtual chemical structures and for identifying novel scaffolds as inhibitors. From a toxicity standpoint, K-STAR has been used to “dial-out” certain kinases from multi-kinase inhibitors as well as identify problematic chemical structures that could lead to human toxicity from unintentional kinase modulation.
  • With an affiliate, created an enterprise system that includes information sources and links to chemicals and exposure-related  health effects.